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Safe Autonomy-as-a-Service for
Public Transport Vehicles

We help cities provide GREAT public transport service to everyone, everywhere, TODAY!

Our mission

Make Public Transport as convenient
as the private (autonomous) car. 

Autonomous vehicles can right urban mobility and create a safe, clean, and easy-to-use city for our loved ones. And yours.

No investment costs. Pay-per-mile, get a +ROI

We transform your vehicles in autonomous vehicles for free. And the Autonomy mileage pack that best fits the needs of your services will give you a positive ROI.

Safety, safety, safety, assured!

Our Safety Assured Autonomy Service (SAAS) virtually eliminates any risk of crash, from 0 to 70 km/h, thanks to the combination of autonomous technologies and aerospace, rail and automotive safety-assurance methods. Road safety authorities will be convinced.

The services your customers want, at 30% of today's cost

Enable your company to provide on-demand, flexible services to your customers, and beat your most fierce competitor: the private (autonomous) car.

1. We help you choose the right commercial vehicle

Our expertise of both transit and autonomous technology lets us design the best possible transit experience for your customers. With mini-cars, large buses, and any vehicle size in between.

2. We enable autonomy in the vehicle fleet

Whether it's your existing vehicles or a new fleet, we equip them with a safety-assured sensor, processing and communication kit that will enable them to drive autonomously, fast!

3. You start operating your service

Our cloud service enables autonomy on your vehicles from day 1. Your customers will adore you. And your company's revenues will increase.

They trust us

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