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Automating some functions is not enough to guarantee safety. We look at safety from a global perpective encompassing the vehicle, and the environment where it will operate (infrastructure, other road users, etc.), to provide a system with known and certified safety capabilities.



We look at automation within the big picture of your city, and since we know where and how automation performs best, we help you look in detail at the business case of your application. In these days, making a vehicle drive by itself is easy, making it run profitably is not. This is where we can help.



AutoKAB was founded in 2015 by the leaders of the CityMobil2 project, who coordinated the planning, setup and operation of Automated Road Transport Systems (ARTS) pilots in 7 European cities. Our team of founders is issued from the best European research labs in the field, with over 20 years of real-life experience in public transport planning, and road vehicle automation and operation.



AutoKAB, provides technologies and services for drivers assistance in buses to reduce operating costs, but also to provide full driving automation with various types of vehicles. We focus on providing consultancy and automation as a service to key transport operators and cities in various countries.



Based on the latest technologies with laser sensing, vision systems and precise localisation, our kits can provide advanced warnings, driving assistance or full driving automation in your vehicles. We work with the best component suppliers and integrate our software according to the latest standards and certification methods.



Understanding how the vehicles in your fleet operate is the first step to improve your service. The data kit gives you powerful insights about safety, driving style, comfort, consumption, to improve your driver’s performance and increase customer satisfaction.



Safety is your clients' main concern, it's the authorities main concern and it's your lawyer's main concern. That's why we have designed our Safety kit following the most stringent safety standards. It combines an environment-aware map, real-time obstacle detection and road-side sensors to alert the driver about risks or to actively avoid them.

New business models


AutoKAB automation kits open new business models for public transport.

Combining the right vehicle, automation kit and service operation model can make public transport financially self-sustainable.


Ready to put road vehicle automation to work for you?



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