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About AutoKAB

Autonomous vehicles and Transit are in our veins. Since 1991.


Michel Parent


Carlos Holguin


Cristian Sandu


Fawzi Nashashibi


Our story

Revolutionizing mobility doesn't happen overnight


Coming back to France after MIT and Stanford, Michel Parent creates the IMARA Team (Informatics, Mathematics and Automatics for the Automated Road) at INRIA, National French ICT Research Centre. Objective: develop a driverless vehicle for urban environments as a complement to mass transport.


IMARA demonstrates autonomous parking and close gap platooning for the redistribution of empty vehicles. A public demonstration takes place in downtown Paris in 1995.


Praxitele, the world’s first electric car-sharing system with induction charging, smart card access, communications and relocation of empty vehicles with jockeys, starts its operation in Saint Quentin en Yvelines (a high tech suburb of Paris) with 50 electric cars and 13 stations. It will last until 1998.


The CyCab, the world's first autonomous pod, is born. It is still used for technology development and to demonstrate the concept of autonomous last-mile electric pods.


IMARA develops, in cooperation with Yamaha, the CyBus, a 5 seat SAE Level 4 autonomous shuttle.


25 Cybuses are put in operation during 6 months for Les Floriades (Amsterdam), carrying 300,000 passengers, under the CyberMove European Project.


IMARA develops the B2, a self-balancing 2 wheel vehicle for 2 passengers


Led by Carlos Holguin, IMARA showcases its autonomous vehicle fleet in public roads in Daventry (UK), Trondheim (NO), Vantaa (FI), La Rochelle and Antibes (FR), Brussels (BE), Paris (FR), Reggio Calabria and Formello (IT), improving its technology and learning the foundations of the integration of autonomous vehicles in public transport.


IMARA launches the world's first autonomous transport service in La Rochelle, France, for two months. The system carried 2000 passengers. 97% of the users declared themselves satisfied of the service, and wanted it to be extended.


AutoKAB's co-founders lead the CityMobil2 project, scaling up the La Rochelle experience to 7 European cities, setting the basis of safe deployment of autonomous vehicles in cities for AutoKAB's autonomy solution, and carrying 60000 passengers without a single safety incident.


AutoKAB is born to help cities provide excellent public transport service for everyone, everywhere, safe and at reasonable costs. 

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